Rack & Pinion locomotive RP 250

Rack & Pinion locomotive RP 250

The RP 250 gear train was designed for material transport in tunnel entrances with slopes of up to 60% and 31 °, respectively. Their test of excellence consisted of running the pressure well for the Kaunertal power plant with the continuous supply of the TBM with tubing and other material. For this purpose, the RP 250 has a gear drive which engages in the special rails on the tunnel floor. It was thus possible to use the 250 kN pulling force reliably and slip-free thanks to the positive action and to transport up to 20 tons of material with a ride.

Thanks to the solid function of the cogwheel railway, this transported other means of transport on the construction site and soon transported not only material for the TBM into the pressure well, but also into another construction section, the Wasserschloss lower chamber. The rails were designed for the existing slope angles. As a result, journeys from the plain into a slope were no problem.

Technical data:

Construction year: 06 / 2012
Inclination: 31° bzw. 60 %
Energy supply: Dieselantrieb
Installed power: 360 kW
Power unit: Hydrostatic Rack and pinion drive
Driving speed: max. 2,0 m/s
Total weight: 33,4 t
Payload: 20 t
Brake: Rail brake

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